Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been asked by a number of associates from Doterra that I keep a record of the extraordinary benefits that my family has and will find as we start our journey back to health by using essential oils from Doterra.

Almost two weeks ago, a dear friend from my church, Teresa Peers, was visiting when I mentioned I was experiencing horrific allergies. I have suffered years and years with allergies and tried everything, but to no avail. Either the drug knocks me out (which is impossible when you have six children), or doesn’t work at all. Teresa looked up at me and said, “I’m going to come back tonight with something I’m sure will help.” She then asked if I knew anything about essential oils. Admittedly, my first reaction was that they are great for stress, aromatherapy, but really…ALLERGIES!? I had gone to a naturopath a number of years ago and she had given me some lavender oil to help with my stress, but it was only for aromatherapy, not to ingest. And, in all honesty, I didn’t feel it made any difference. Therefore, my view of essential oils was more toward the negative.

Michelle Frink, another fine sister from my ward, had also been talking to me for a while about how amazing these oils can be for all kinds of ailments. Unfortunately, with the adoption and surgery, timing was just off and I didn’t take the time to look further. 

That evening, just as I was ready to retire, there was a knock at the door. There was Teresa with her vials of oil and some vegetable capsules. She started to put drops of lavender, lemon and peppermint in to the vegetable caps. At this point I realized she was expecting me to swallow that “stuff.” Now I was a little perplexed. I thought oils were for aroma or to rub on for massage purposes. I NEVER thought you could ingest them. My therapeutic lavender oil that was given to me by the naturopath even says, “DO NOT INGEST.” So, you can only imagine I was a little nervous as I was expecting a foul aftertaste, or worse, to be poisoned. But, I knew Teresa wouldn’t allow any harm come to me and at this point I was willing to try just about anything.

So, with deep faith in her stewardship, I went forward and tried the “stuff.” I really didn’t expect anything to happen right away and believed that if they did work, it most likely would take a few days to build up in my system before ANY benefits would occur. Elena, her daughter, did warn me that I might feel a coolness in my chest area due to the peppermint. 

WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? After only five minutes, not only did I feel a soothing coolness in my chest, but my itchy and watery eyes and itchy throat and skin subsided. WHAT? After only five minutes? Can it truly be possible? I was dumbfounded…but very impressed. I then mentioned to her about the other conditions of my children, particularly my daughter’s severe eczema.

The next day, here shows up Teresa again with some more oils, fractionated coconut oil, and a few books for me to read. Again, I was touched by her kindness and immediately started to do the research. I started to use the oils on MaeLynn for her eczema and was really blown away. I was floored at how immediate her relief was and within hours how the look of her skin seemed to improve. Okay, that’s two for two. I devoured her book about the health benefits of coconut oil, as well as her book on oils as a whole. Now I’m starting to get convinced there is something to this. I started to research the web about Doterra, the company, and about all my various health conditions for me and my family. I was particularly interested in why THEIR oil worked and this therapeutic lavender oil didn’t. Well, I soon found out (I won’t go into the details here). 

During my investigation I came across some videos about a blend that a women put together called Peaceful Child. This blend is supposedly able to do wonders for children with Tourets Syndrome, ADHD, ODD, OCD and a myriad of other mental health issues. I was so anxious to find out more so I emailed Teresa to ask if she had even heard of this blend and if she knew if it worked.

Sure enough, that following Sunday, here comes Teresa and do you know what she had. A large 10 ml bottle of the BLEND; I WAS SO TOUCHED. To me, that oil was like gold. I was ecstatic and immediately rubbed it on my two children with ADHD, MaKayla and Brandon. The ride home from church was beyond amazing. They were quiet and less agitated. 

Over the past two weeks I have made other observations that have amazed me. The first time I tried to put oil on Brandon, he fought me. But ever since, he actually comes up to me and asks for “his oil.” I have been given samples of some oils and have used them to diffuse in the car and the car rides have gone SO MUCH SMOOTHER. The kids are quieter and more patient. When I rub "Serenity" blend on them at bedtime, I don’t fight them to get to sleep anymore. Last Sunday, MaKayla was about to have a meltdown during Sacrament meeting. I started to get really nervous because once she passes a certain point, there is nothing that can calm her down. I saw my dear friend Michelle sitting in a pew across from me. I asked her if she had some “Deep Blue” on her person and, of course, she did. This particularly blend is what came up in MaKayla’s Zyto scan as being the blend she is most in need of at this time. I had her breath the blend and within seconds, she immediately started to calm down. I asked her five minutes later how she felt. She said she was still angry, but she remained calm for the remainder of the meeting.

Brandon has had small, pimple-like bumps around his eyes. Every time you pop one, five more appear. This has been going on now for months and months. When speaking to the doctor they said that nothing really takes them away, NOT to pop them and give them time. Unfortunately, they were getting worse and one in particular seemed to be infected. I started using the oils and the VERY next day, the severe one on his eye popped. Now, just five days later, they are all almost gone.

Last Wednesday, another friend from our ward, Kaye Coatney, came to our home to give us Zyto scans. MaKayla was given a small sample of “Deep Blue” since that is the blend that is most effective for her right now. As she was smell testing all of Kaye’s oils, she seemed automatically drawn to “Deep Blue.” A few hours later she had her social therapy class. I had her take her sample oil and during the 30 minute drive she kept smelling it and telling me it smelled like candy. After her therapy, the social workers meet with each parent for about 5-10 minutes to discuss how therapy went. Once her therapist pulled me aside, she immediately said, “MaKayla did really well today. It was the first time I really noticed her focused, and on task. So much so that I heard her make a statement that it was impossible for anything to keep her still, yet I noticed she was awkwardly forcing her leg to jerk like it use to. Almost as if she was aware that she was calmer, but NEEDED to act the part so was forcing her leg to jitter. This really impressed me. What have you been doing?” When I told her I’ve been trying to wean her off her meds she gave me that look of terror. Then I continued to tell her about the oils that we JUST started and she got really intrigued. 

On Thursday I went to another Doterra class. I informed the ladies that two years ago I broke my tailbone and the doctors have tried every pain medication possible, including Lydocain patches, but they are not working. They now say I most likely will need surgery. The ladies suggested I try “Deep Blue” on my feet, since it may be too sensitive to put directly on my tail bone. Within 5 minutes, for the first time in years, I could no longer feel the pain. I was even able to sit all the way back in my chair, which I can’t remember doing for ages. I started standing and sitting over and over again to test the pain in my tailbone and they all looked at me strange. I then yelled, “Where did it go? I’m not kidding, I can’t feel the pain anymore.” Of course they were all elated, and OH BOY…so was I.

Personally, I have yet to have a severe allergy attack, and I’ve only taken two pills, three times just two weeks ago. I’m sure that if I was outside more, I would need to take them more regularly, but thus far, my allergies have been under control. Also, I’ve noticed that I have much more patience with the kids. Even my mother-in-law noticed and made a comment. I’m not flying off the handle as much and don’t get as tired as easily. 

With all the conditions and issues that my family has, I think that we will be yet another great testimony to the amazing benefits of these oils. I will give a brief description of each of our children and their health issues for those of you that may not be as familiar with our family and background. Each of my children are adopted and each all have very different backgrounds.

1.  MaKayla was adopted in the states at 3 days old. We were told that she had a high risk for Fetal Alcohol due to her mother’s excessive drinking all the way through her eighth month of pregnancy. It was so severe that in her eighth month the judge ordered her to rehab. Though she seemed healthy when first born, we were advised to watch her once she reached school age. Sure enough, she exhibited learning disabilities and has social and emotional issues. Though she was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol at a young age, her ADHD was diagnosed a little over a year ago. She has a difficult time in social situations and has a very difficult time staying on task and managing her emotions. Obviously the hope is that we can completely get her off her medication and help her improve her focus, learning and social interactions, along with managing her emotions.

2.  Amornthep was adopted a little over two years ago from Thailand. Health wise he is amazing as he has yet to have come down with any illness, let alone a sniffle. He has Waardenburg syndrome and is deaf. He was implanted with Cochlear Implants last year. He does show orphanage behavior, such as shadowing and extreme fears. His Zyto scan focused on his ability to stop and breath and learn to be a kid again. This makes complete sense since he was one of the few kids that was healthy (other than being deaf), so the orphanage workers always asked for him to assist and do a lot of chores. Therefore, he has a VERY HIGH desire to please. Almost to point where he is more under foot than anything. Our hope is that through the use of the oils, he will learn to relax a little, let go of some of his fears and realize that it is okay to be a kid.

3.  Hana came to us 1.5 years ago. Her tale is rather a sad one. While in Ethiopia she watched her mother die from a horrific disease. That very day she and her two brothers were separated and taken to an orphanage where she has informed us that it was quite abusive. Later, she was removed to another orphanage, where she said the treatment was a little better but was soon adopted. She, and her two Ethiopian brothers came to the states to live with her new family. Unfortunately, after seven months they felt she was not a good fit for their family and felt she needed to be readopted by another family. How devastating, especially since they were going to keep her biological brothers. You can only imagine the trauma of losing her mother, then her brothers, and then feeling rejected by her adopted family. Interesting to note that in her Zyto scan, everything was centered around her ability to heal from abandonment and loss of mother and working through issues with her mother. When she received her scan, it really brought tears to my eyes for the amazing accuracy. I realized that the oils are not just for physical needs, but the oils truly help us emotionally heal. However, she is a fighter and a really sweet girl and doing wonderfully. I believe the oils will truly help her heal and move forward.

4.  Joshua came to us just this past December. You can read our amazing experience on a prior post regarding how we just knew this little boy was to be our son. He has Levlo – Transposition of the Great Arteries and Severe Epstein Anomaly (60% regurgitation). We were very aware of his serious heart condition. China did not do any surgeries because they truly believed he would not survive. Well, we are proving them wrong. With the miraculous abilities of Dr. Hanley out of Stanford, the hand of God, and the powers of the oils, our hope is that we will see his recovery from his surgeries be much faster, and eventually be able to control his blood pressure without medication.

5.  What can I say about Brandon. Brandon is our little challenge. He came to us when he was just 4 months old. His early life was already full of heart ache. He was conceived through a rape situation so during those four months it was very difficult for his mother to bond with him. Right out of the hospital he was kidnapped and then after one week left on the steps of the police station for who knows how many hours (they suspect at least 12). Once reunited with his mother, she and her then boyfriend, now husband, moved from place to place and oftentimes he slept in a pull out drawer as they had no baby furniture. But, out of the grace of our Lord, she realized she just did not have the means to continue to care for him and asked her aunt if she knew of anyone who could adopt him. Our lives have only been enriched with our little Brandon. However, he does carry a lot of anger from his past and he also has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and possible schizophrenia as it runs in his family and his birthmother has been diagnosed. Obviously, I think you all know what we are hoping to gain from the oils for our little Brandon.

6.  MaeLynn also came to us from China this past December. She is also deaf and has Microsia/Atresia (She has no ears). She came to us with severe orphanage behavior. Although she was two years of age, she acted as if she was 11 months. She couldn’t eat with any utensils, could barely walk, obviously had no form of communication and was dealing with such post-traumatic stress that she didn’t make a sound for days. Then when she finally did, all she did was cry and cry. She has flat head, which was caused from being left in her crib all the time while in the orphanage, causing her head to develop a flat side. She also has severe eczema, which we believe is caused due to her liver and kidneys most likely not developing fully, just like her ears. They develop at the same time as the ears develop in embryo, and most with her condition show abnormalities with their kidneys and liver. Therefore, her body is not able to get rid of the toxins appropriately and it shows with her severe eczema. We hope that the oils will help heal the past orphanage abuse and help her with her eczema. Also, as she is learning a language, we hope the oils will instill within her confidence.

As you can see, we have our hands full and are hoping wonderful and great things with the oils. Come back often as I will do my best to post our progress. Though I’ve been given a few oils for sample, I have ordered the full oil kit and it should be arriving any day now. Once it does, I will post what I have each of my children on and how well the oil is working. I am very excited and based on the success I’ve seen thus far, I truly believe we are going to see some miracles occur.