Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have actually been using the essential oils now for a few weeks. However, they were small samples given to me by loving and dear friends. Yesterday was the day my very own oils finally arrived. I decided to purchase the FULL OIL KIT as I felt it was worth the investment due to the number of oils required by my family. Of course, as you read about all the different oils and their properties, you can't help but say, “Wow, that could work for such and such,” or, “I could use that on…” So, I just felt it best to get all the oils, even if they are not on my immediate list of “must have” oils identified in our Zyto scans. I just figured the oils not being used right now may show up on later scans and/or will surely come in handy down the road.

Along with the Full Oil Kit, I also ordered two Vitality packs. These are basically your vitamins, minerals and cell rejuvenation (energy). I got two packages because a few people needed to be on them. I also ordered the Deep Blue Rub because that was the rub that completely took me by surprise right after I rubbed it on my feet to help alleviate my broken tail bone pain. Also, Phil asked me to send him something to help him with his aches and pains after his workouts. I added the Phytoestrogen pills because both Hana and MaKayla needed to be on them. Along with my kit I also received some freebies and I ordered the Lotus diffuser in order to get the oils in the air for all to breath. This technique is great if you have a fussy child and they are not being cooperative (which I have not found to be the case). This way they are breathing in the amazing healing properties of these oils without realizing they are doing so.

Thus, today was the first day we used the oils as prescribed by our Zyto scans. I also used the Lotus diffuser and used elevation blend. The kids kept running up to breathe it in and WrayBeth really loved the smell. I found her frequently going over to the diffuser and taking it all in. Interesting to note that this blend is known to give you elated feelings of joy and really helps those who suffer from depression. WrayBeth has suffered her entire life from depression so I thought it very interesting that she was really drawn to this blend, more so than other oils I have diffused over the past few days.

Below is a list of what each member in my family is using so that we can start with a baseline:
Kathy: Vitality pack (3x/day); Geranium, Basil in veg cap (1x/day)
MaKayla: Deep Blue blend as needed; Peppermint, White Fir, Marjoram, Rosemary, Frankincense, Cinnamon in veg cap (1x/day); 1 Phytoestrogen (1x/day)
Hana: Whisper blend; Wintergreen, Cypress, Cinnamon, Fennel in veg cap (1x/day); 1Phytoestrogen (1x/day)
Brandon: Cassia, Helichrysum, Melissa, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Fracionated Coconut Oil (FCO) in 5 ml roll-on bottle used throughout the day as needed
Amornthep: Breathe and Ylang Ylang rubbed on feet and chest; 1 Microplex (1x/day)
Joshua: White Fir, Clove, Thyme rubbed on neck, feet and chest throughout day as needed
MaeLynn: PastTense blend and Thyme used on her eczema; 1 xEO Mega and 1 MicroPlex (1x/day)
WrayBeth: She is using the Vitality Pack and oils she feels she needs throughout the day. I do not monitor her use of the oils like I do the children

Of course, only being half-way through the day it is too early for extensive feedback, but the one person that both WrayBeth and I noticed an immediate response is Brandon. I would have to say this blend, which I put together based on his Zyto scan recommendations, seems to be working better than the Peaceful Child blend. I still plan to make the Peaceful Child blend, but I’m going to watch how he does on this for a few days. We noticed he has been VERY calm, does not scream or fight as much, responds quietly when asked a question and has even pointed out things that he must do that is part of his daily routine (he normally always puts up a fight). For example, right after lunch he politely and with clear pronunciation asked if he could be excused and then said, “I need to go potty first before I go for nap time.” WrayBeth looked at me with pure joy in her eyes. Also, he was outside playing and Grandma had called him to the house. Almost EVERY TIME we do this he throws a tantrum. However, today he did not and came right in, looked up at grandma and asked her what she wanted. He has not been as physical with the other kids and his responses seem to have more thought behind them. He has not fought me once to put this “new” oil on him and seems to like smelling the oil, more so than the other oils I was using on him. Therefore, I’m expecting really positive things from him. But, of course, it is still too early to make any definitive judgment.

I will continue to keep you posted on how we are doing. But, based on our past two weeks and from what I’m seeing in Brandon already, I’m really excited. On a side note, I have been using OnGuard blend on his eye pustules and they are all almost completely gone. He is looking great!