Wednesday, August 20, 2014


WOW...I've taken quite a sabbatical, so to speak, but I am back in full swing. Kids are doing well. Josh's is a little over 1 year post surgery and doing fantastic. MaeLynn is also a little over a year post cochlear implant and we are floored at how well she is doing. All the kids are getting older, blossoming and we continue to move forward.

Currently, Phil and I are having a wonderful mini-vacation in a secluded cabin along the Hood River in Oregon. We are given this luxury because in less than a week, Phil will be deploying for a year. Yes, being a military family we've been through this before, but it is never easy. Over the past month, he has had to give up his command as the Headquarters, Headquarters Joint Base Lewis-McChord Commander, leave us for a month for another military school, out-process from JBLM and now leave his family for another 12 months.

Leaving his Command was very difficult as he felt it was one of the best jobs he has had yet in the Army. He was very loved by his soldiers and recieved numerous awards, praise and Kudos from his leaders. One being that the Commander over all of Joint Base Lewis-McChord wrote in his ORB (Officer Records Brief) that he was the best Officer at Lewis-McChord...quite the accomplishment. This put him in the top 20% of all officers in the entire military, not just Army. Very proud of my man.

Now, as we prepare for his absence, I'm getting me and the kids back to a more rigorous health schedule as we adopted once before. Phil admits his poor eating habits have not helped to continue our once thriving practice, but he does admit he is always willing, though his love for food makes him always weak.

Thus, my next latest and greatest project will be starting up wheatgrass again and growing Moringa. There is a plethora of information found on the web regarding this amazing tree, so my hopes is that I will be able to cultivate at a level that our family needs without spending the 100s of dollars that would be required each month to buy the powder, drink, pills that so many health food companies require for their product. I will be posting my success or failure of this project on here as I more to come